Friday, January 25, 2013

Dreaming of ferrets

Throughout my life, I have always developed close relationships with my pets. In grade school I made a whole comic series about my cats Jasmine, Casper, and Zoey. I still have dreams about our dear family dog Pricilla who lived to be 16. The first night in my dorm after moving to Chicago for school I was under a lot of stress, and I dreamt that mine and my now husband's dog (Polkamoe. He is 11 and still acts like a puppy!) was at my side licking my face, haha. They were all such big parts of my life, but probably the biggest connection I ever made was with my ferrets Clyde, Bonnie, Boogie, and Sophie, and most notably with Boogie. Boogie was my baby and just a very dear friend. Clyde died in 2008, Bonnie in 2011, and just last year Boogie and Sophie passed away.

I miss them all very much and I think about them every day. Having a relationship with an animal is a very beautiful and interesting experience. Even though we are different species it is amazing that we are able to communicate and share mutual feelings.

Last night I had a dream that I found a young white ferret in a parking lot. Boogie was white, but this ferret wasn't Boogie. It seemed to be abandoned so I took it and played with it. It wasn't trained, so it bit hard when it played, but I didn't care. It was a lot of fun to play with a ferret again, and I woke up thinking about my friends. I could talk about my animals friends for a long time, but I'll stop here :) Have you ever had an animal that was or is particularly dear to you? I love to hear about other people's pets.

This post is for all my pets. I don't have pictures of all of them on this computer, but here are some :)

Boogie portrait

Pokey's legs



Portrait of Polkamoe.


  1. These are so sweet. Do you take commissions?

    1. I never have before as I just have done them for my own pets, but I certainly would be happy to do one for you! Email me if you are interested -